Our Mission & Process

At Barry Financial, we are a top provider of estate, business and executive planning solutions to high net worth executives, business owners and their families. We spend time working with our clients and their families to get to know each unique situation. We then take the time to interview the client’s advisors to get answers to questions raised during the client interview and gain a sense of the advisor relationship. Finally we research and analyze all client documents so we can give a clear assessment of the client’s current position. 

Barry Financial, LLC is one of the foremost life insurance practices in Massachusetts including “hard to place” cases. We are a top provider of private wealth management services. We strive to provide “concierge” style service for our clients. Our core values are technical competence, over-the-top service, inter-generational trust building and a devotion to client concerns.

Typical Client Profile

Our clients are closely held business owners and their families with significant net worth. Also, our clients are CEO’s and other highly paid executives with significant equity positions in their companies. Our clients typically prioritize reduction of estate tax and income tax, coordination of executive benefits, and business continuity strategies as main objectives for themselves and their families. Our clients are predisposed to working with and valuing the services provided by professionals. Our clients value the advice given to them by the professionals they hire in the areas of law, accounting and financial services.